Aardlab is convinced that we are in the middle of a transition towards a sustainable society requiring a great deal of creativity.

We can’t hide anymore behind small talk and conventions need to be abolished. This is in particular the case for the construction industry. All it’s designers (architects, urban and landscape designers i.e.) creativity will be used ever more intensively to meet our sustainability goals.

Aardlab mobilizes this creativity through intensive and deep collaboration. This collaboration exceeds project boundaries through joined efforts to develop new knowledge and technologies.

Aardlab’s ambitions is to bridge the divide between architect and engineer. On the one side to develop strong engineering skills at architectural offices and on the other side to help engineers deal with the more abstract creative process.


aard, from ‘aarde’ meaning earth 1 nature: the ‘aard’ of the problem 2 character: show your true ‘aard’

lab 1 workshop, derived from the classic Latin labōrāre ‘to work’, from labor ‘effort, labour’